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He takes many journeys to the earthplane to help earthbound spirits find their way to the light. And he visits his soulmate on Earth every day, offering her help and protection. Dear Mark! Having now read most of your extremely fascinating reports pertaining to the afterlife, I would like to congratulate you and your dear friends on the other side of the veil for your hard work and time consuming research.

Furthermore, I have a final summary of my own and a question connected to it.

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As you know from past correspondence, I have followed the research of Wes Penre and others on this subject and find that Penre has lately come to a very different conclusion concerning the afterlife. Having read all of the descriptions, it does not seem to be a trap as far as I am concerned, but a gradual evolvement of spirits towards the wonderful Source of everything. Apart from purgatory etc. Disinformation is everywhere, and it is extremely difficult at times to see the truth through all the deception intentionally spread into the media etc.

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So we have two completely different views of the afterlife, one describing reincarnation as a trap, the other describing the afterlife and soul travel as the school of eternal life. Both views are reported by highly intelligent, credible researchers who gain their knowledge through different sources. Here lies my dilemma. Can these opposite views be reconciled in any way? Is there a portion of truth in both? Is there misconception in one or the other, or both? I sincerely doubt that deception is at work by Wes Penre, or you Mark, or your spiritual friends.

Hence my final question, Mark. What do you think of all of this — apart from the obvious, gained from your sources — are you both on the right track, coming only to different conclusions as to the reason behind the whole afterlife construct, or is one of you, despite decades of hard and honest research, on the wrong track?

"I Really Have Trouble With Visualization"

I realise that this will be extremely difficult to answer in an unbiased fashion, but feel that you will honestly approach the quandary and attempt to find a satisfactory answer for both of us, and your online followers. Thank you in advance and best regards, Stephen. Hi Stephen, I agree with your point of view.

Reality is too complex for most of us humans to know for sure what answers on omniversal subjects like these have what degree of truth behind them. When we humans spend a lot of time over the years talking to someone whose words and opinions are always reasonable, sincere, and turn out to be accurate, we develop a trust in that person. Thanks for your prompt reply, Mark. I am sorry if I have been bouncing my theories — and those of others — off you lately, but I felt that I had truly found a kindred spirit with whom I could do a little brainstorming, now and again.

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I will revert to my studies now but also keep a close eye on your excellent work, and may well appear now and again in your comments section. Until then, bye for now, and all the best from Stephen. But I feel uncomfortable trying to make assumptions about who winds up where after they die, without reliable evidence that came through a stable ITC bridge. However, my speculations about the ancient history of humanity and the general nature of the spirit realms which are based on what I consider to be reliable ITC messages I continue to stand behind.

Email Address. Sign me up! Macy Afterlife: The Beacon. Exploring our spiritual heritage, our ancient other-worldly roots, and our paradise destiny. Skip to content. His job now is to become a spirit guardian and to write this book so that people on Earth might more easily: understand their real spiritual heritage, realize that their choices on Earth determine their afterlife experiences, liberate their departed loved ones by letting go, knowing they might meet again one day, and access a vast army of light workers for protection against dark forces.

He can see his villa far below, and beyond that the ebb and flow of the vast earthplane and its many dramas involving many millions of spirits and angels and mortals… Elemental astral forms move about near the Earth, some hideous, others beautiful.

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Earthbound spirits of men and women, tied to their gross and carnal pleasures and worldly interests, meddle in the lives of mortals… or stand helplessly near their grieving loved ones who are oblivious to their presence. As brilliant consciousness from higher realms streams to Earth, sensitive people whose spiritual eyes and ears are partly open, are inspired to create works of music and art that stir human souls, or to produce technological inventions and scientific theories that improve human lives… these creative men and women being called geniuses.

Angelic gatekeepers stand here and there on the earthplane beside doors where knowledge and wisdom from the higher realms filter down through a vast multilevel network, flooding through the doors to certain people of pure heart and generous nature who have the sensitivity and commitment to help the world.

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Some of these protected doors 1 falter as the gifted humans surrender to earthly distractions, or 2 distort as they surrender to dogma and misunderstanding, or 3 putrefy as they surrender to savage human thoughts and desires and dark spirits move in… at which time the doors are closed permanently by the gatekeepers.

Bright light from the central sun streams down constantly onto the Earth, and glorious strains of music from celestial spheres fill the world with heavenly song. Wave after wave of dark and awful spirits, 10 times more damaging than the earthbounds, rise from the spheres of hell, crowding and clustering around humans wherever fear and hate and cruelty and lust prevail… blinding human eyes from the light and deafening human ears from the music.

The "Dweller of the Threshold" or "Guardian of the Threshold" as a literary invention of the English mystic and novelist Edward Bulwer-Lytton is found in his romance Zanoni After the founding of the Theosophical Society in , the term gained wide currency in theosophical circles. The Guardian of the Threshold is a spectral figure and is the abstract of the debit and credit book of the individual.

Self-Labeling and Self-Talk

It is the Cerberus guarding the entrance to Hades; the Dragon which St. Michael spiritual will-power is going to kill; the Snake which tempted Eve, and whose head will be crushed by the heel of the woman; the Hobgoblin watching the place where the treasure is buried, etc. He is the king of evil, who will not permit that within his kingdom a child should grow up, which might surpass him in power; the Herod before whose wrath the divine child Christ has to flee into a foreign country, and is not permitted to return to his home the soul until the king Ambition, Pride, Vanity, Self-righteousness, etc.

In Rudolf Steiner 's play The Guardian of the Threshold , first performed in and the third in a series of four "Mystery Dramas", the appearance of the Guardian is connected with Lucifer and Ahriman. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Part of a series on the Paranormal Main articles.