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Allied Health: Practice Issues and Trends in the New Millennium presents an overview of the concerns facing the largest and most diverse pool of health workers in the United States as they provide disease detection, prevention, dietary, health promotion, rehabilitation and health management services at all levels of health care delivery. This unique book addresses critical issues that affect allied health practice, including managed health care, computer technology, drug information, and demographic trends in society, with an emphasis on implications for education.

The book also includes appendices listing allied health organizations, accrediting agencies, and descriptions of federally recognized allied health professions. Allied Health: Practice Issues and Trends in the New Millennium presents information on: public policy research needs new directions for accreditation interprofessional collaborative alliances employment opportunities practice directions and much more! Allied health professionals play a critical role in health care delivery, comprising a significant portion of the health care work force with tremendous potential for addressing issues of health care cost, quality, and access within the health care system.

Allied Health: Practice Issues and Trends in the New Millennium is an essential resource for the future of health care in the United States and a must read for allied health care educators and students, and health care policymakers. Former library book. Nice condition! Clean pages. Good Condition. Clean Copy With. Amount of Wear.

Allied Health : Practice Issues and Trends in the New Millennium

Airmail from New York. Summary and Conclusions Overall our assessment is that only modest gains have been achieved in workforce goals of increased diversity, capacity and flexibility since the SGROH. In particular, the following trends and developments are discernible: A projected decrease in the overall dentist to population ratio with continued or aggravated mal-distribution of dentists, and high vacancy rates in safety-net systems.

Only modest gains in diversity of the dental workforce, despite national programs aimed at achieving this goal. The launching of 5 new dental schools — and potential opening of up to seven more - often affiliated with osteopathic medical schools - oriented to training public health-minded dentists in community-based settings. Increasing shortages of dental school faculty and continued low numbers of graduates seeking academic careers. New educational efforts to improve dental student and practitioner capacity to care for vulnerable populations and provide culturally sensitive care, with uncertain impact on children's oral health.

An increase in numbers of pediatric dentists and residency training capacity with an uncertain impact on access to care for underserved children and those with special needs. Numerous new community-based prevention and education programs, with difficult-to-quantify impact.

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Allied Health: Practice Issues and Trends Into the New Millennium

Moller J. Feds oppose limits to school-based mobile dental clinics. The Times-Picayune. A model for extending the reach of the traditional dental practice: the ForsythKids program. A brief history and current status of a dental therapy initiative in the United States.

Addressing Children's Oral Health in the New Millennium: Trends in the Dental Workforce

Fox K. Minnesota Dental Association] Minnesota Department of Public Health.

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    Shortages of medical personnel at community health centers: implications for planned expansion. How does Europe PMC derive its citations network? Protein Interactions. Protein Families.